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Welcome to Al Multaqa Real Estate.

We at Al Multaqa Real estate know that Property Management is very important for your real estate investment, therefore we offer a trouble free Property Management Solutions for all our valued clients. Our clients enjoy the benefits of Leasing and Property Management services for the maximum return on their real estate investment.

Our Strength

Our strength lies in the transparency we provide through our communication between Property Manager and Landlords, Property Manager and Tenants, Vendors, Facility Technicians, Accounts of transaction and every detail required to manage the unit. We provide Landlords with tailor-made solutions that suit their need and requirements. Whether our clients are single unit owners or the corporate, all are given utmost priority and maximum benefits.
Mr. Salem Abushi-CEO

Our Clients

We proudly serve all our clients both based in UAE and Abroad. We understand the importance of your investments, real estate laws and regulations of Dubai, dynamics of the real estate industry in Dubai, therefore we offer hassle free services to our clients through our property management team. We manage the property and our landlords enjoy the benefit of their investments in Dubai by using our efficient Property Management services.

Our Services

  • Marketing
    • Recommend the rent using comparable market analysis.
    • Photo shoot of the property to be completed.
    • Listing the units on the web portals and website.
    • Receive enquiries from potential tenants.
  • Rent Maximization
    • Recommend the properties to potential tenants.
    • Negotiate to achieve a mutual beneficial outcome.
    • Conduct viewings with potential tenants on site if vacant by leasing agent.
    • Follow up with potential tenants to seek feedback.
    • Collect the required documentation.
    • Drawing up the tenancy agreement.
    • Collect the payments including rent and security deposits.
  • Extensive Maintenance
    • Managing maintenance calls from the tenants.
    • Prompt maintenance services.
    • Arranging annual maintenance contracts at landlord expense.
    • Arranging contractors to attend to maintenance related matters.
    • Following up with tenants to ensure that maintenance completed.
  • Finance Management
    • Returned cheque management.
    • Banking of rent and collection in the case of Non – Payment.
    • Follow-up of late payments and returned payments.

Market Analysis

Recommend the rent using comparable market analysis.

Recommend the rent using comparable market analysis.


Photo shoot of the property to be completed

Photo shoot of the property to be completed

Web Portals

Listing the units on the web portals and website

Listing the units on the web portals and website

Potential Tenants

Conduct viewings with potential tenants on site if vacant by leasing agent

Conduct viewings with potential tenants on site if vacant by leasing agent


Negotiate to achieve a mutual beneficial outcome

Negotiate to achieve a mutual beneficial outcome


Collect the payments including rent and security deposits. Extensive Mai...

Collect the payments including rent and security deposits. Extensive Mai...

Al Multaqa is one of the best real estate companies in Dubai, and has carved a niche for itself with its passion for excellence and penchant for deliverance. The company aims to make the process of renting, buying, and investing in properties in Dubai simple and easy, while ensuring customer satisfaction and transparency in business dealings between buyers, sellers, and tenants. With a focus on meeting your specific needs, expectations, and values, we strive to offer the most reasonable and realistic prices in the real estate market. Our primary objective is to connect property buyers, sellers, and tenants with their desired clients, helping them find their dream homes and projects without any hassle.

The Top Property Developers in Dubai

The property developers must have knowledge of the different varieties in property for sale Dubai. Since they will be the first point of contact for the buyer and seller they must be able to clear all the doubts of the customers and be willing to go that extra mile. As a licensed and accredited real estate agent you will be guided by complete professional so there will be nothing to worry. We know that you don’t enjoy house hunting, as it can be a lot of hard work, making you weary and sweaty. And that’s not all, the credible real estate agent will have good connectivity in the market so they will know the pulse of the market, the areas that would be most suitable for you, the neighbourhood that would be ideal for kids and so on.

Types of properties listed in Al Multaqa for sale

Al Multaqa deals with all kinds of properties for sale, be it townhouses, staff quarters, flats, apartments, single houses, labour accommodations, you name it. Being one of the best real estate companies in Dubai, we list all kinds of properties for sale, exclusive waterfront properties and homes and flats and in the most prime locations in Dubai. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a simple one bedroom flat or a luxurious property with intricate security features and all, we have it all covered for you. The properties can be furnished, semi-furnished, ready to move and so on.

About off-plan projects

If you are looking for off-plan projects to purchase or invest in, we can guide you there. Al Multaqa has a team of real estate professionals that would help you cinch the best deal. By off-plan properties, you will be able to acquire a property that’s under construction or just in the land form. Buying off-plan properties in Dubai is a great advantage because you can buy them for excellent deals, and the real estate dealer would help you sell it if you need it at a later time. Off-plan properties are bought directly from the developer, and so there might not be any buildings there, or in some cases, in the early stages of construction.

Why to choose Al Multaqa

Al Multaqua are professional real estate dealers with several years of collective experience in property for sale Dubai. The company will assign a team to help you with your real estate requirement, and cover the whole process right from the beginning to buying and registering the property and its related formalities.Our agents have extensive market knowledge and will definitely get you a good deal on your property. If you are looking to buy or sell, we can make it the best deal for you, and even generate a speedier sale if required.


Dubai allows foreigners to purchase real estate, but there are some guidelines that must be followed. In specific locations known as freehold regions, individuals and businesses from outside the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) may purchase real estate. Popular destinations including Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and the Jumeirah Lakes Towers are among these areas. It’s crucial to remember that different emirates in the United Arab Emirates might have their own unique policies regarding foreigners owning property. To fully grasp the particular guidelines and specifications for purchasing real estate in Dubai, it is advised to speak with the appropriate authorities or obtain legal counsel. If you are looking for property for sale in Dubai, then we at Al Multaqara Real Estate are ready to assist you.

Yes, you are qualified to apply for a resident visa if you purchase real estate in Dubai. The kind of residency visa you receive depends depend on how much property you buy. For instance, you can apply for a renewable two-year resident visa if you buy a house for at least 1 million AED. With this visa, you are able to live in Dubai and take advantage of a number of advantages, such as easy access to facilities like healthcare and education. For precise and current information, it’s crucial to confirm the regulations and requirements for current visas with the appropriate authorities or to speak with immigration specialists.

There are several benefits to buying property in Dubai:

  1. Strong Real Estate Market – Dubai’s real estate market has historically shown stability and resilience, making it an attractive investment option.
  2. Potential Rental Income – Dubai has a high demand for rental properties, offering the potential for rental income and attractive rental yields.
  3. Tax Advantages – Dubai has no personal income tax, capital gains tax, or property tax, making it an appealing destination for property investment.
  4. Growing Economy – Dubai’s economy is diverse and continues to grow, attracting businesses, investors, and residents from around the world. This growth contributes to the appreciation of property values.
  5. Lifestyle and Amenities – Dubai offers a luxurious lifestyle with world-class amenities, stunning architecture, and a vibrant social scene, making it an attractive place to own a property.


Yes, it is generally accepted that purchasing property in Dubai is tax-free. Property buyers are not subject to personal income tax, capital gains tax, or property tax in Dubai. It’s crucial to keep in mind that there can also be additional expenses related to real estate transactions, such as registration fees, agent commissions, and maintenance fees for the actual property. It is advisable to consult with experts or legal professionals to understand the complete cost structure and any applicable fees related to the specific property for sale in Dubai.

As previously indicated, buyers of real estate are not subject to personal income tax, capital gains tax, or property tax in Dubai. However, because you can have tax liabilities in your home country, it’s crucial to take into account its tax laws. Depending on your jurisdiction, taxes on capital gains, inheritances, or other types of property ownership may be applicable. You can better comprehend the tax ramifications and any reporting obligations associated with your investment in Dubai real estate by speaking with tax specialists or other professionals in your home country.

Given the city’s robust real estate market, expanding economy, and favorable tax laws, investing in real estate in Dubai may be a smart move. But like with any investment, it’s crucial to do extensive research, evaluate the market, and take your investment goals and risk tolerance into account. It’s important to make informed judgments and seek guidance from real estate experts or consultants who have a thorough understanding of the Dubai market because property prices in Dubai are subject to change depending on market circumstances and other factors. Property sale in Dubai is soaring and Al Multaqa Real Estate is an excellent choice for those who want to invest in properties in Dubai.

Real estate market dynamics, such as supply and demand dynamics, economic conditions, governmental regulations, and worldwide market trends, all have an impact on property prices, making it difficult to predict them. Although it’s tough to give a firm response, Dubai’s real estate market has historically been stable. However, because market turbulence can happen, it is advisable to regularly watch market trends, speak with industry professionals, and do extensive study before making any investment decisions.

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