JVC Plots for Sale G+16 Mixed Use Plot for Sale in JVC District10

jvc plot for sale G+16 Mixed USE

Easy Access | Low Built-Up Area | Prime Location

JVC Plots for Sale, The plot has easy access for entry and exit. It is exclusive with us and is situated at a prime location in JVC.

– Selling price 11,500,000 AED
– Plot Size: 16,750 sqft
– Built Up Area : 129,000 sqft
– Located in District 10
– Low Built-up Area
– Easy access for exit & entry
– Photos for reference only

JVC is one of the highest-selling areas at the moment offering high ROI to investors and good returns to developers.

Plots for sale in JVCmixed use plot for sale in JVC district 10

We have listed JVC Plots for Sale. One of the highlights of the property is that it provides easy access for entry and exit. The property is an exclusive one, and situated at a prime location in JVC.

JVC or Jumeirah Village Circle presents several exciting home options at a convenient location, with a plethora of entertainment options, sports based activities and come at exciting competitive prices. The vibrant living atmosphere and the proximity to Dubai city are what attracts people to this community. The community is really huge, and has maintained its position as one of the affordable places to rent and buy in Dubai, thereby attracting families and individual buyers to buy and rent. There are plenty of freehold plots for sale in Dubai. And since JVC is close to Dubai Marine Internet City, Media City and JLT, it really is a prime spot for buyers, and additionally, it is a freehold community, making it even more attractive and a growing investment hub in Dubai. And the best thing about the community is that it provides a nice level of serenity and calm ambience, a much needed feel when you are living in a bustling city like Dubai. The lucrative pricing and impressive rental yields for freehold plots for sale in Dubai make the JVC community one of the most sought after communities for both investors and renters.

There are about 2000 residential units in JVS and each unit within the community is a village in itself with canals and parks surrounding them. The interesting feature is that there are plenty of brand new apartments for renting in JVC presently. It would be a good deal no matter what kind of a real estate investment you are looking for, whether it is buying or selling. If you are on a budget, and would like to still in close proximity to Dubai’s main areas, JVC is the community for you. You can rent a studio apartment for about AED 34000 per annum. There are luxurious 3 bedroom flats, with over 2000 square feet in Astoria Residence within JVC. There are many sub communities in JVC and District 13 and 14 are the most popular ones for renting.

Many expats have already invested in JVC and are earning excellent returns from it. There are some off-plan projects as well, if you are looking for something that’s well within your budget. The demand for properties in Dubai is rising, and you can earn a decent passive income if you are investing in JVC. And that’s not all. The Dubai government has been pretty favourable with their initiatives regarding the JVC community. So that’s one additional reason why you should look for freehold plots for sale in Dubai.

mixed use plot for sale in JVC district 10

JVC also offers a range of amenities, including schools, supermarkets, parks, and sports facilities, making it a self-sufficient community. The area is well-connected to other parts of Dubai, with close proximity to popular destinations like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

Investing in JVC can also offer good rental returns, as the area continues to grow and attract new residents. As demand for properties increases, rental rates are likely to rise, providing a steady source of income for investors.

Furthermore, the Dubai government has introduced several initiatives to encourage investment in the city, including tax incentives and foreign ownership laws. This makes investing in JVC an attractive opportunity for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio and gain exposure to the thriving Dubai property market.


There are many freehold plots for sale in Dubai. Buying freehold property in Dubai offers several benefits, including:
1. Full ownership rights and control over the property.
2. Potential for long-term capital appreciation and investment returns.
3. Flexibility to use, sell, lease, or mortgage the property without restrictions.
4. Possibility of obtaining a residency visa for certain types of freehold properties.
5. Potential for customization and personalization of the property.
Freehold ownership in Dubai typically grants the buyer indefinite ownership rights over the property. Freehold properties are usually owned for an unlimited duration, allowing the owner to pass down or sell the property to subsequent owners.
Freehold ownership provides the buyer with full ownership rights over the property, including the land and any structures built on it. The owner has the freedom to use, sell, lease, or mortgage the property as desired, subject to applicable laws and regulations. Freehold properties are typically located in designated freehold zones in Dubai, where non-UAE nationals can own property.
As the owner of a freehold property, you are responsible for various obligations, including:
1. Payment of property taxes, service charges, and maintenance fees (if applicable).
2. Ensuring compliance with local building regulations, permits, and licenses.
3. Maintenance and upkeep of the property.
4. Adherence to community rules and regulations (if applicable).
Buying Freehold plots for sale in Dubai can be relatively straightforward, especially in designated freehold zones. However, it is advisable to engage the services of a reputable real estate agent or property consultant who can assist with the process, guide you through legal requirements, and ensure a smooth transaction. Conducting proper due diligence, understanding the market conditions, and consulting with legal experts can also help simplify the buying process.
Freehold properties in Dubai do not have a predetermined useful life. As long as the property is well-maintained and meets relevant regulations, it can be used indefinitely. The value and usability of a freehold property can vary depending on factors such as location, condition, market demand, and economic trends.
The value of freehold plots for sale in Dubai depends on several factors, including location, property type, market conditions, and demand. Desirable locations, such as prime areas or those close to amenities, tend to have higher property values. Also, factors such as property size, quality, potential for development, and proximity to key landmarks can influence the value of a freehold property.
The owner of a freehold property is the individual or entity who holds full ownership rights to the property. In Dubai, freehold ownership can be held by both UAE nationals and non-UAE nationals, subject to specific regulations and restrictions.
If you have purchased a property in a designated freehold zone in Dubai and have completed all necessary legal processes and transactions, including registration with the Dubai Land Department, you can consider yourself the owner of the freehold property. Proper documentation, including title deeds or ownership certificates, will be provided to confirm your ownership rights. It is essential to consult legal experts or real estate professionals to ensure the legality and authenticity of the ownership status.


  • City Dubai
  • State/county Dubai
  • Country UAE


Updated on June 21, 2023 at 8:40 am
  • Price: AED 11,000,000
  • Property Size: 16000 BUA 129000
  • Property Type: Mixed Use Land
  • Property Status: For Sale In Dubai

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